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The Canary Islands' Association of Banana Producers (ASPROCAN) is a private, collegiate entity set up to coordinate and streamline the actions of its members with the aim of optimising the result of their performance for the general good of the Canarian Banana Sector. It has legal status and full capacity to act to fulfil its purposes, constituted under Law 19/1977 of 1 April, on the regulation of Right of Association, with the requirements laid out by Royal Decree 873/1977 of 22 April that develops on this.


Avda. José Manuel Guimerá
nº3-5º pisos C y D
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife (España)

T 922 53 51 42
F 00 34 922535139/47


Plátano de Canarias

The Platano and You

Do you know why Plátano de Canarias is one of a kind? Behind his spots there are a lot of properties that makes this fruit unique.

Plátano de Canarias

Social corporative responsability

Plátano de Canarias is not a multinational or something like that. We are an association of canarian bananas farmers and producers.

Plátano de Canarias

Almodóvar, Lola Flores, Bill Clinton ...

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